Who Owns Royal Match

Last updated: January 31, 2024 at 9:54 pm

Royal Match is a popular mobile game developed by Dream Games, a mobile gaming studio located in Istanbul, Turkey. Owned and operated by Dream Games, Royal Match has experienced significant success and growth since its inception.

Dream Games was founded in 2019 and achieved a notable milestone by reaching a $1 billion valuation in June 2021 after a financing round supported by investors such as Index Ventures SA and Makers Fund. This valuation has been a testament to not only the company’s skill in crafting engaging games but also the lucrative nature of the mobile gaming market.

Company Overview

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In this section, you will find detailed insights into Dream Games, the celebrated owner of the massively successful mobile game Royal Match.

You’ll learn about the company’s inception, its remarkable ascendancy in the gaming industry, and the significant financial milestones it has achieved.

About Dream Games

Dream Games, based in Istanbul, Turkey, was founded in 2019 by Soner Aydemir and a team of former Peak Games executives. They’ve created a formidable presence in the mobile gaming sector by focusing on high-quality user experiences and leveraging local talent with a strong work ethic.

Royal Match Success

  • Royal Match is Dream Games’ flagship mobile game.
  • It quickly became one of the top grossing games, amassing over 6 million active users and generating significant revenue since its launch.

Expansion and Valuation

  • Valuation: Dream Games has attained a valuation of $1 billion within a relatively short time frame, propelled by Royal Match’s success.
  • Investors: This growth attracted prominent investors and secured substantial funding rounds, emphasizing the enduring appeal of the mobile game.
  • Growth: The company’s strategic focus on growth is reinforced by planned expansions and reinvestment into their gaming portfolio.

Leadership and Vision

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In the competitive landscape of mobile gaming, Royal Match stands out, guided by a leadership team that marries creative talent with engineering expertise. Your understanding of their success is tied to knowing the people and the principles driving the company forward.

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Executive Profile

Soner Aydemir, the CEO and founder of Dream Games, exemplifies a blend of art and engineering prowess. Under his leadership, the team behind Royal Match leverages a mix of exceptional talent:

  • Talent: A streamlined group of professionals selected for their proficiency.
  • Creative Talent: Artists and game designers driving visual and interactive excellence.
  • Engineering Expertise: Developers ensuring robust, seamless gameplay experiences.

Company Ethos

The ethos of Dream Games balances a holistic approach with a rigorous work ethic. Your appreciation for their philosophy highlights:

  • Leadership: Direction that fosters an inspiring spirit among team members.
  • Excellence: Commitment to quality at every level of game development.
  • Holistic Approach: Integration of art and engineering to create enjoyable and beautiful games.
  • Inspiring Spirit: The ability to motivate and lead with confidence and clarity.

Game Development

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As you explore the realm of “Royal Match,” understand the deliberate choices and technological prowess that drive its success in mobile gaming.

Design Philosophy

Your journey through “Royal Match” reflects a design philosophy centered on the user experience. The game leverages the same mechanics that brought success to industry giants like King, focusing on:

  • Engaging puzzles: Challenges that captivate and retain interest.
  • Intuitive gameplay: Ensuring a seamless experience for players of all levels.

Technology and Innovation

Your enjoyment of “Royal Match” is enhanced by innovative technology and engineering expertise, crucial in developing top-tier mobile games. Highlights include:

  • Advanced game design process: Uses data and creative talent to refine and improve.
  • Robust development: Combines art and science, resulting in a game that feels good to play.

Discovering “Royal Match” means not only engaging content but also a glimpse into the future of mobile gaming, fueled by TechCrunch-featured innovation and development craftsmanship.

Investment and Financials

Royal Match is a company that owns a gold and green crest adorned with lions and a crown.

Dream Games, the developer behind “Royal Match,” has witnessed remarkable financial growth facilitated by substantial investment rounds. Your understanding of their financial trajectory will be enhanced by looking into the specifics of their fundraising efforts and the impact on the mobile game market.

Fundraising Rounds

  • Series A: Secured a substantial investment led by Makers Fund and Index Ventures, propelling the company’s early development.
  • Series B: Dream Games raised $50 million, with investors like Balderton Capital and Kora, strengthening its financial standing in the industry.
  • Series C: The company’s valuation catapulted to $2.75 billion after a $225 million raise, marking a significant milestone in their funding history.
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Market Impact

  • Valuation and Growth: Dream Games’ valuation at $2.75 billion post-Series C funding positions them as one of the most valuable private mobile gaming companies.
  • Investors’ Role: The confidence from investors, including industry giant Zynga and Blackrock, underscores the game’s potent market appeal and growth prospects.
  • Gaming Industry: “Royal Match” has made a notable imprint on the mobile game sector, benefiting from the strategic funds to scale operations and solidify market presence.

Privacy and Data Policy

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Royal Match takes your privacy seriously, emphasizing the security of your data and transparent consent policies for personalized experiences.

User Information Security

Your personal data on Royal Match, including search data and IP address, is protected with robust security measures. These are in place to prevent spam and authenticate users, ensuring the safety of your information.

Consent and Preferences

  • Personalized Ads: You can manage privacy settings to accept or reject personalized ads.
  • Interest Profiles: Consent is required to create interest profiles based on your game activity.
  • Cookie Policy: The game follows the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework for cookies usage.

Managing User Privacy

  • Privacy Dashboard: Access your privacy dashboard to view and manage your personal data.
  • Privacy & Cookie Settings: Adjust your cookie preferences here, where you can choose to accept all, reject all, or manage privacy settings for Royal Match’s sites and apps.
  • Precise Location: You have control over whether your precise location data is shared.

Outlook and Future Projections

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Royal Match, with its influential presence in the mobile gaming industry and substantial investor support, is positioned to continue its ascent. Your understanding of its trajectory is crucial as you observe the market landscape.

Continued Growth

Your anticipation of Royal Match’s trajectory should be informed by its proven market performance and sizable user base. Expectations of enduring appeal lie in its ability to keep users engaged, signifying a potential for sustained revenue and further expansion in the mobile gaming sector.

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Strategic Partnerships

Royal Match’s value is not just in its current success but also in its strategic relationships. Partners like Stephane Kurgan, former COO of King Digital, bring extensive industry knowledge, potentially paving the way for collaborations that can echo the storytelling success seen in mediums like Pixar’s filmmaking. Such alliances could bolster the game’s position and enhance its valuation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This section answers some of the most common inquiries about Royal Match and its creators.

Who is the owner of Dream Games, the company behind Royal Match?

The company behind Royal Match, Dream Games, is owned by a group of co-founders led by CEO Soner Aydemir. Their corporate structure typically includes multiple stakeholders, with investors contributing to funding rounds.

How does Royal Match generate revenue?

Royal Match generates revenue primarily through in-app purchases where you can buy virtual items and currency. This model is common in many successful free-to-play mobile games.

Is Royal Match considered safe in terms of user privacy?

Royal Match is developed with user privacy in mind, adhering to the standard data protection regulations to keep your information secure.

What kind of marketing strategy does Royal Match use, involving celebrity advertisements?

Royal Match employs a marketing strategy that involves significant investment in paid advertisements, including those featuring celebrities, to attract new players to the game.

Who is Soner Aydemir in relation to Royal Match?

Soner Aydemir is a co-founder and the CEO of Dream Games, the company that developed Royal Match. He has played a crucial role in the game‘s development and success.

What factors contribute to the success of Royal Match?

Several factors contribute to the success of Royal Match, including strategic user acquisition, engaging game mechanics, effective monetization strategies, and a focus on user retention.

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