How Many Monopoly Go Boards Are There

Last updated: January 21, 2024 at 1:14 pm

Monopoly Go is a mobile adaptation that brings the classic board game into a dynamic digital format. You can explore over 130 unique boards, each with their own themes and challenges.

An illustration of a Monopoly board, a classic board game.

As you progress in the game, the number of boards you encounter increases. While some sources claim that the number of boards in Monopoly Go is infinite, the main set includes a variety of boards based on both real-world locations and imaginative settings.

Overview of Monopoly Go

Monopoly board game - screenshot thumbnail showcasing various board game variations.

In Monopoly Go, you embark on a journey through various themed boards, each offering a unique gaming experience. Your strategic prowess and luck will be challenged as you strive to outmaneuver other players in this engaging board game.

Game Objective

Your ultimate goal in Monopoly Go is to become the wealthiest player through buying, renting, and selling properties. You must wisely manage your assets and outlast your competitors to secure victory.

Key Components

  • Boards: The heart of the game, each board in Monopoly Go offers different challenges and requires tailored strategies.
  • Players: Typically, Monopoly Go can accommodate multiple players, each aiming to control the game’s economy.

Monopoly Go Boards

Monopoly game - variations screenshot thumbnail.

Monopoly Go offers you an expansive journey through various themed boards, each promising a unique experience. To continue progressing, you must unlock each board by completing the previous one.

Basic Board Types

  • New York City: Embark on your Monopoly Go adventure here, where iconic landmarks await.
  • London: Visit the historic streets of London as you strategize your way through this board.
  • Paris: The romantic aura of Paris brings charm to your gameplay experience.
  • Tokyo: Dive into the bustling cityscape of Tokyo with its unique properties.

Special Edition Boards

  • Camelot: Step into the medieval time of noble knights and castles.
  • Arabian Nights: This board whisks you away to the deserts and palaces of an Arabian fantasy.
  • Macabre Manor: For a spooky twist, navigate the haunted corridors of this eerie manor.
  • Frostgard Fjords: Conquer the cold with this icy, Viking-inspired board.

As you level up, more boards become available, with a range between 100-150 total boards to complete, dependent on your account. Remember, the list constantly updates, introducing new challenges and themes to enjoy.

Monopoly Go Gameplay

Monopoly Go introduces a dynamic and engaging experience for players on iOS and Android platforms, featuring a plethora of boards each with unique challenges.

Starting the Game

To begin playing Monopoly Go, you select a board from the available list. You start with access to a limited number of boards, with more becoming available as you progress.

Game Progression

As you play, you’ll progress through various boards, completing one to move on to the next. Each board is a level, with over 130 unique boards originally available, and more added as players complete levels.

Winning Conditions

To win in Monopoly Go, you aim to bankrupt your opponents by strategically buying properties and building houses and hotels. The game continuously generates new board levels, providing an ongoing challenge.

Cities and Themes

Monopoly board game - screenshot thumbnail featuring board game variations.

In the diverse universe of Monopoly Go, your board experience ranges from bustling real-life cities to completely imagined settings, offering unique visual styles and themes.

Real-World Locations

Monopoly Go integrates the familiarity of iconic metropolises:

  • New York City: Navigate the famed streets of the Big Apple.
  • London: Pass by landmarks like Big Ben as you trade properties.
  • Paris: Enjoy the romantic ambiance of the City of Light.
  • Venice: Traverse the canals as you expand your holdings.
  • Tokyo: Engage with the vibrant culture and skyscrapers.
  • Las Vegas: Revel in the glitz and glamorous casinos.
  • Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Montreal, Philadelphia, and San Francisco: Each city board captures the unique essence of these global destinations.
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Imaginary Worlds

Indulge in fantasy landscapes that defy reality:

  • Atlantis: Explore the mythical underwater realm as you build your empire.
  • Camelot: Journey through Arthurian legend and medieval mysticism.
  • Frostgard: Conquer the icy expanse of a wintry kingdom.

Each fictional setting is crafted with its own backstory and aesthetic.

Event-Based Themes

Specific boards are designed to commemorate events and festive seasons:

  • Prosperity Drive: Symbolizes wealth and progress.
  • Macabre Manor: Reflects Halloween festivities with a spooky twist.

These boards are often available for limited times, adding to their exclusivity and appeal.

Unique Board Features

Unveiling Monopoly board game screenshots showcasing various Board Game Variations and Monopoly Go Boards.

Monopoly GO introduces a range of boards each with distinctive characteristics and gameplay variations.

Special Properties

Each board in Monopoly GO offers specific special properties that change the strategic approach:

  • New Orleans Nights & San Francisco Nights: Capture the spirit and flair of vibrant city life.
  • Galactic Flats & Lunar City: Provide a futuristic twist with interstellar assets.
  • The Old West & Haunted Hamlet: Take you back in time with a touch of eeriness or wild west nostalgia.
  • Prosperity Drive & Boardwalk: Represent the epitome of luxury and high-stakes investment.
  • Arabian Nights & Aquapolis: Immerse you in thematic surroundings echoing ancient tales or underwater living.

Unique Gameplay Mechanisms

Monopoly GO boards incorporate unique gameplay mechanisms allowing for varied experiences:

  • Camelot & Storybook Woods: Introduce fantasy elements to traditional Monopoly gameplay.
  • Doubloon Bay & Pirate’s Cove: Involve treasure hunting and pirate-themed challenges.
  • Block City & Earth Village: Combine urban planning with ecological sustainability.
  • Alchemy Academy & Creature Kingdom: Blend magical elements and mythical creatures into your property acquisition strategy.
  • Treetops Resort & Sunset Fjords: Offer scenic and serene locales, impacting player interactions.

Monopoly Go Expansion and Updates

Monopoly Go continually evolves, introducing new boards you can unlock as you advance through levels, ensuring fresh and engaging content for both iOS and Android players.

Regular Updates

  • New Boards: Periodic updates add new boards to Monopoly Go, maintaining a dynamic gaming experience.
  • Levels: As you progress, you unlock these updates, which can include thematic and aesthetic changes.

Community Events

  • Seasonal Boards: Special boards are released during community events, often tied to real-world holidays or seasonal changes.
  • Event Challenges: Completing these challenges can unlock exclusive content, adding a competitive edge to your Monopoly Go experience.

Expansion Packs

  • Paid Content: Expansion packs offer a selection of premium, themed boards that can be purchased.
  • Regular Releases: These packs are released on a regular basis, ensuring there’s always something new to look forward to.

In-Game Economics

Monopoly game - screenshot thumbnail showcasing variations of Go Boards.

In Monopoly Go, your success depends on how well you navigate the game’s economic landscape, from managing in-game currency to trading properties effectively.

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Currency System

Monopoly Go employs a monetary system where you deal primarily in the game’s currency, known as “coins” or “M’s.” How you accumulate and spend this currency determines your progress through the various boards. Key monetary entities include:

  • All Citizens Bank: The central bank from which you collect daily bonuses.
  • M’s Club: A feature where you can exchange M’s for special bonuses or advantages.
  • Massimo’s: A luxury board where higher currency transactions occur.

Property Trading

Trading properties is a strategic element crucial for board domination. When you land on unowned properties, you can purchase them to build your portfolio. Remember:

  • Players can trade properties among themselves to complete sets and build monopolies.
  • Electric Company: Utilities such as this can also be traded, offering strategic advantages and additional income streams.

Banking and Finances

Your financial health in the game is central to advancing to higher-level boards, which include Monopulon 5 and the Pawfee Shop, among others. Manage your finances by:

  • Keeping an eye on your bank balance for purchasing properties and paying rent.
  • Strategizing on investments to ensure you don’t go bankrupt, which is the role of All Citizens Bank in the ecosystem.

Social and Multiplayer Aspects

Unveiling Monopoly board game - screenshot thumbnail.

Monopoly Go! enhances the classic game by introducing social and multiplayer components that allow for a more engaging experience. You can connect and compete with others, showcasing your property management skills on a variety of themed boards like Pooch Park and Scottie’s Mansion.

Playing with Friends

  • Invite and Play: Send game invites to connect with friends and start a match on boards like Catfe or Pawfee Shop.
  • Private Games: Set up a private board where the competition stays just among your group.

Global Leaderboards

  • Rankings: Your success in games is reflected on global leaderboards, where you can compare your progress with other players worldwide.
  • Accomplishments: Leaderboards highlight top players, which could motivate you to improve your Monopoly Go! strategy.

Social Interaction Features

  • In-Game Chat: Communicate with players during a game to discuss moves or simply engage in light-hearted banter.
  • Emotes and Reactions: Express yourself with a set of emotes, enhancing the social interaction without the need for direct messaging.

Mobile Gaming Experience

Monopoly is a classic board game loved by many, and now you can enjoy it on your device with the Monopoly board game apk. This app brings all the fun of the original game to

In the mobile version of Monopoly Go, developed by Scopely, you’ll find a seamless gaming experience with a focus on app performance, intuitive user interface design, and the convenience of cross-platform play.

App Performance

iOS & Android Compatibility: Monopoly Go is optimized for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring smooth gameplay across a wide range of smartphones and tablets.
Game Stability: Regular updates by Scopely help maintain a stable gaming environment, minimizing crashes and glitches for a more enjoyable experience.

User Interface Design

Navigation: The user interface in Monopoly Go is designed for easy navigation, allowing you to move between the various boards and game functions with simplicity.
Visual Appeal: The game boasts vivid graphics and an engaging layout, making the virtual monopoly boards and in-game elements visually attractive.

Cross-Platform Play

Multiplayer Accessibility: Monopoly Go supports cross-platform play, so you can compete with other players regardless of whether they use an iOS or Android device.
Account Syncing: Your game progress is synced across devices, enabling you to start playing on one device and continue on another without losing any progress.

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M. Industries and Collaboration

In the realm of Monopoly Go, M. Industries plays a pivotal role, offering unique boards such as Monopolis 3000 and M. Aquarium. These thematic boards not only enhance gameplay but also reflect a creative synergy between traditional Monopoly elements and modern, inventive settings.

Brand Integration

  • M. Industries: Features innovative boards like Washington D.C., where you can trade and build in the political heart of the nation.
  • M. General: Immerse yourself in a healthcare-themed board that tests your strategic financial abilities.
  • M. Aquarium: Dive into an underwater world of commerce, fostering an interactive marine environment for players.
  • M Jewelers & Sunset Shores: Experience luxury and leisure with boards that depict opulence and vacation vibes.

Each board from M. Industries offers a tailored Monopoly experience, integrating iconic aspects of these entities into the gameplay. You’ll notice landmarks and themes from M. Industries’ diverse portfolio, which includes:

  • Creature Kingdom: Where the animal kingdom meets urban development.
  • Martian Colony: A space-themed board that propels you into interstellar trade.

Collaborative Events

  • Thimble Farms & Fire Isle: Special occasions may introduce you to agricultural or fiery landscapes, with distinct objectives and rewards.
  • Marrakesh & Gnomeburg: Engage in cultural and fantastical ventures, connecting strategy with globally inspired and mythical settings.

In addition to standalone boards, M. Industries organizes events that encourage you to collaborate with fellow players. These events often revolve around shared goals on special boards:

  • The North Pole & Monopulon 5: Where you might work together to build in remote or futuristic realms.

M. Industries sets the stage for interactive and cooperative play, establishing a vivid tableau for your Monopoly escapades that range from terrestrial ventures in Gnomeburg to cosmic enterprises in Martian Colony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unveiling a Monopoly board with dice and money, showcasing different Board Game Variations.

In Monopoly Go, the number and variety of boards add layers of excitement for players. Understanding the boards can enhance your gaming experience.

What is the total number of boards available in Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go offers 130 distinct boards for players to progress through.

Can you provide a complete list of Monopoly Go boards in ascending order?

A comprehensive list, in order, starts with New York City, London, Venice, and Paris. This continues with boards like M. Industries, Camelot, and The Old West.

What are the costs associated with each Monopoly Go board?

Each Monopoly Go board varies in cost, with progressive increases as you advance through the game.

Which board is considered the last or final in Monopoly Go?

No definitive last board exists in Monopoly Go, as new boards unlock continuously.

Could you explain what players encounter on board 5 of Monopoly Go?

Board 5 typically presents new challenges and more sophisticated properties to manage.

How many different milestones can players achieve within Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go boasts a wide range of milestones, with each new board presenting distinct achievements to unlock.

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