Heir of Light: Eclipse: Dec 2023 Update

As an ardent player of the RPG mobile gaming scene, you’ve likely come across “Heir of Light: Eclipse,” a dark fantasy, collectible RPG developed by Com2Us Holdings.

This December 2023, the game stands at the forefront of strategy and character collection, offering a rich array of heroes and villains intertwined in a visually striking gothic aesthetic.

With a focus on strategy and team composition, your expertise and decision-making skills are constantly tested as you delve into the deeper layers of gameplay, which is enhanced by the game’s detailed graphics and a compelling storyline.

A painting of a city at night with a full moon, featuring the December 2023 Update.

The community is buzzing this month with discussions on the latest tier list, an essential tool to guide you through the optimal selection of characters as you engage in the game’s intricate battles.

A tier list is instrumental in strategizing as it ranks characters based on various factors such as their utility in battle, overall stats, and synergies with other characters.

This ranking becomes a cornerstone for both new enthusiasts trying to navigate their initial setup and seasoned veterans striving to refine their strategies.

“Heir of Light: Eclipse” continuously evolves, and with the December 2023 update, there have been notable changes that impact gameplay and tactics.

This constant development ensures that the game remains challenging and engaging, reinforcing the necessity to stay informed about the current meta.

Whether your preference lies in strengthening the mightiest warrior or employing the unique skills of a supportive mage, you’ll find that mastering the tier list is more than just understanding who sits at the top; it’s about comprehending the reasons behind their rank and how they can amplify your own gaming experience.

Getting Started

An ethereal painting of a landscape illuminated by the radiant glow of a full moon.

Embarking on your journey in Heir of Light: Eclipse requires a few initial steps to get you into its sprawling universe of light and darkness. From downloading the game to creating your account and understanding the user interface, these foundational steps will set the stage for your strategic gameplay experience on your Android device.

Downloading the Game

To begin playing Heir of Light: Eclipse, you need to download the game onto your device. For Android users, open the Google Play Store and search for “Heir of Light Eclipse.” Select the game published by Com2uS Holdings Corporation and tap “Install.” Wait for the game to finish downloading and proceed to the next step.

Creating an Account

Once the game is installed, launch it and create an account. You’ll usually be prompted to this step upon starting the game for the first time. Following the on-screen instructions, choose your preferred method of account creation which may include linking a Google, Facebook, or Com2uS account for a streamlined process.

Navigating the Interface

Familiarize yourself with the game’s interface, which provides access to various gameplay elements. The home screen presents a menu bar for accessing the hero collection, campaign modes, and your inventory. Key areas of interest include:

  • Hero Collection: where you can view and manage your characters.
  • Inventory: holding items you collect or purchase that can aid your progression.
  • Campaign: where the universe’s story unfolds through strategic combat scenarios.

Take some time to explore these menus. Observing your screen and tapping on icons will reveal more about the game’s features and what you need to interact with to advance.

Game Mechanics

An image of a man standing in front of a fiery planet, representing the Heir of Light game's December 2023 Update.

In Heir of Light: Eclipse, understanding the intricate game mechanics is pivotal for mastering gameplay, from unleashing powerful actions in battle to fostering the growth of your heroes and servants. Grasping these systems is key to forming a formidable team and excelling within the game.

Basic Controls

Your interaction with Heir of Light: Eclipse begins with learning the basic controls. You navigate your heroes and servants through a series of taps and swipes. Action buttons allow you to initiate attacks and activate special abilities, while movement controls are usually handled automatically or through simple direction gestures.

Understanding the Battle System

The battle system hinges on strategic action, with each hero or servant bringing unique abilities to the fray. You need to analyze each battle scenario and determine when to use basic attacks or special skills. Pay attention to these elements:

  • Cooldowns: Skills can’t be spammed; they have cooldown periods.
  • Mana Costs: Powerful abilities consume mana, so manage your resources wisely.
  • Action Queuing: You can queue actions for your heroes to create combos.

Hero and Servant Progression

In Heir of Light: Eclipse, each character progresses via an elaborate system. Your heroes and servants can be enhanced by leveling up, ascending, and equipping them with gear. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Leveling Up: Defeat enemies to gain experience and enhance stats.
  • Ascending: Use specific materials to ascend heroes, unlocking new powers.
  • Gear: Equip your team with gear to improve their attributes like attack, defense, and speed.
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Importance of Team Composition

Lastly, team composition is critical. Align your heroes and servants to complement each other’s strengths and cover weaknesses. Factors to consider include:

  • Roles: Combine tanks, damage dealers, and support units strategically.
  • Synergy: Look for heroes and servants that have skills that synergize well.
  • Balance: Ensure your team is balanced to handle a variety of challenges.

Understanding these mechanics will provide a solid foundation for your journey through Heir of Light: Eclipse.

Summoning and Gacha

In Heir of Light: Eclipse, summoning and the gacha system are quintessential elements that can significantly impact your gameplay. Understanding their mechanics will provide you with the chance to acquire powerful characters and enhance your overall strategy.

Summoning Overview

Summoning is the process that you engage in to obtain new characters, or “servants”, for your team. You will utilize various summon currencies, like Shards or Summon Stone Chests, to call forth new companions into the fray. Each summon carries a certain probability to produce characters of differing rarities, influencing their potential on the battlefield.

Gacha System Explained

The Gacha system is at the heart of summoning, functioning like a lottery. You’ll spend resources to receive random rewards, with rare characters or items being less common but more valuable. This mechanic adds an element of chance to your ability to acquire new assets for your team. Here’s a simple breakdown of typical gacha rewards:

  • Common: Standard characters and items
  • Rare: Slightly improved characters with better abilities
  • Ultra Rare: Exceptional characters that can alter the course of battle

Understanding the Gacha odds is crucial to manage expectations and resources effectively.

Utilizing Summon Stone Chest

Summon Stone Chests are your gateway to gaining new characters through the gacha system. You can earn them through gameplay, events, or redeeming codes such as the current December 2023 Heir of Light Eclipse codes. These chests may contain Shards or even full characters, making them a valuable resource. Here’s how to use your Summon Stone Chests:

  1. Navigate to the Summoning page.
  2. Select ‘Summon Stone Chest’.
  3. Confirm your action and reveal your reward.

Remember, while Summon Stone Chests offer a method to potentially secure powerful characters, the outcome is also aligned with the gacha’s element of chance. Use your chests mindfully, keeping your strategic needs in sharp focus.

In-Game Currencies

The Heir of Light discovers a golden egg amidst a vast pile of money, all located in the heart of a majestic mountain. December 2023 and Eclipse mark significant dates in this captivating

In “Heir of Light: Eclipse,” mastering the in-game currencies is essential for advancing and enhancing your gameplay. You’ll mainly deal with Karat, Gold, and Crystals, each serving distinct strategic purposes.

Understanding Karat

Karat is the premium currency in “Heir of Light: Eclipse.” It’s often used for special purchases and speeding up various game processes. You can acquire Karat through in-app purchases or by completing certain in-game achievements and quests. Be mindful of how you allocate your Karat, as it can greatly influence your ability to progress and unlock premium content.

Earning and Spending Gold

Gold is your staple currency for regular transactions within the game. You collect Gold by:

  • Completing missions and dungeons
  • Selling unwanted items or heroes
  • Winning battles

Your accumulated Gold is primarily spent on:

  • Upgrading heroes’ equipment
  • Evolving your characters
  • Purchasing certain items from the in-game shop

Managing your Gold effectively is crucial, as it impacts your ability to maintain and upgrade your hero roster.

Managing Crystals

Lastly, Crystals serve as a valuable resource for obtaining certain heroes and items. You earn Crystals through gameplay, particularly by:

  • Achieving specific milestones
  • Participating in events

Crystals are often used to summon new heroes or to purchase special items that can provide a competitive edge. It is wise to conserve Crystals for pivotal moments where specific resources or heroes can markedly benefit your team’s performance.

Social and Competitive Play

A group of people standing in front of a spaceship, looking awe-struck and filled with anticipation for their upcoming journey as the Heir of Light, excitedly awaiting the December eclipse.

In Heir of Light: Eclipse, your strategic prowess and collaborative skills are put to the test through engaging Guild systems and competitive Player versus Player (PvP) encounters. Enhance your ranking, and contribute to your Guild’s prestige by participating in exclusive content designed for teamwork and rivalry.

Joining a Guild

When you join a Guild in Heir of Light: Eclipse, you gain access to a supportive community where members share tips, join forces for battles, and contribute to the Guild’s overall progression. Guilds are foundational to your social experience in the game, offering both camaraderie and competitive advantages.

  • Benefits include:
    • Sharing resources and strategies
    • Participating in Guild-exclusive events
    • Boosting your characters through Guild buffs
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Participating in PvP Content

PvP battles are the arena where you can showcase your tactical acumen and the power of your characters. Regularly engage in PvP to:

  • Climb the ranking ladder for prestigious rewards
  • Test your team compositions against other players
  • Earn recognition in the game’s competitive scene

Strategy and timing are crucial, as winning PvP matches affect your standing and can yield significant rewards.

Guild Dungeons Explained

Guild Dungeons provide a unique collaborative experience where you and your Guild members tackle formidable opponents for exclusive rewards. These dungeons require coordination and strategic planning with your Guild mates.

  • Key points:
    • Dungeons have various difficulty levels, catering to both new and seasoned players.
    • Success in Guild Dungeons improves your Guild’s ranking and offers individual rewards.
    • Participating consistently helps not only you but also strengthens your Guild.

Remember, your effectiveness in Guild Dungeons contributes directly to your and your Guild’s growth and status within Heir of Light: Eclipse.

Event Participation

To excel in “Heir of Light: Eclipse,” understanding event mechanics and maximizing rewards is paramount. Through strategic engagement and knowledge of events, you will navigate December’s milestones and celebrations effectively.

Understanding Event Mechanics

Milestone1st, Milestone2nd, and Milestone3rd are significant benchmarks in “Heir of Light: Eclipse” events. You’ll encounter them sequentially as you progress. With each milestone, the challenges and requirements escalate, but so do the rewards. Getting a grasp on event rules is crucial:

  • Milestone1st: Typically involves the completion of introductory tasks, which are often straightforward and designed to ease you into the event.

  • Milestone2nd: This might introduce more complexity, requiring you to complete specific objectives or to utilize event-themed mechanics.

  • Milestone3rd: This is the apex of the event’s challenge, involving the most complex and rewarding activities.

To tackle these milestones:

  1. Read the event details thoroughly upon the event’s launch.
  2. Plan your participation based on the event duration and your schedule.
  3. Prioritize tasks that align with your gameplay style and goals.

Maximizing Event Rewards

Maximizing event rewards involves a blend of efficient play and timely completion of event criteria. Keep the following in mind to ensure success:

  • Celebrate: Special events like Celebrationel or themed events (e.g., Halloween1031) offer unique, time-limited rewards. Participate in these to gain exclusive benefits.

To optimize your rewards:

  • Set Reminders: Key event dates should be on your radar. Don’t miss out on special rewards because of a forgotten deadline.
  • Complete Daily Tasks: Some events give rewards incrementally each day.

By adhering to these structured approaches, you will navigate “Heir of Light: Eclipse” events with confidence and reap the maximum benefits of your hard-earned victories.

Redeem Codes and Rewards

In Heir of Light: Eclipse, redeem codes are special phrases that grant you access to a variety of free rewards, ranging from gold to exclusive summon stone chests. These codes are intended to enhance your gaming experience and provide you with a leg up.

How to Redeem Heir of Light Eclipse Codes

To redeem your Heir of Light Eclipse codes, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Launch the game and navigate to the game’s settings menu.
  2. Select the ‘Account’ tab and find the option to ‘Enter Coupon’.
  3. Type in your code precisely as it appears.
  4. Confirm the entry to receive your rewards instantly in your game account.

List of Working Codes

Here’s a compilation of the active Heir of Light Eclipse codes available for December 2023:

CodeRewardExpiration Date
ELHAPPY12Various rewardsDecember 10, 2023
MILESTONE1STFree rewardsDecember 31, 2024
MILESTONE2NDFree rewardsDecember 31, 2024
100ELgiftKarat x1000, Goddess’s Gift (M)December 12, 2023
ELThanks100Karat x1000, Aran Glyphs (M)December 13, 2023
GAME1121Summon Stone Chest x10

Handling Expired Codes

When you encounter an expired code, it’s not possible to redeem it for rewards. However, keep an eye out for new updates and announcements as developers often release new codes. Make sure to redeem working codes as soon as possible to avoid missing out on any time-limited rewards.

Character Spotlight

In the realms of Heir of Light: Eclipse, exceptional characters bring unique abilities to your gameplay experience. This month, the spotlight shines on the divine prowess of Goddess Ludmilla and the fearsome might of The Dragon of Darkness, two characters whose presence on the battlefield commands attention.

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Goddess Ludmilla

Goddess Ludmilla ascends as a celestial force, distinguished by her divine powers that can turn the tide of any encounter. As an indispensable asset to your team, her skills are primed for both offense and support roles:

  • Healing Light: Bathes your allies in restorative energy
  • Luminous Judgement: Strikes down foes with righteous fervor

Her presence resonates with grace and power, making her a top-tier choice for both novice and veteran players. Ensure Ludmilla is in your roster to enhance your team’s durability and striking capabilities.

The Dragon of Darkness

Feared by many, The Dragon of Darkness emerges from the abyss with a presence that dominates the battlefield. It’s a character that embodies sheer power and chaos:

  • Nightfall Roar: Unleashes devastation in an expansive aura of darkness
  • Eclipse Wingbeat: Delivers crushing blows to enemies caught in its wake

Having this behemoth on your side means wielding destructive power that can intimidate opposing players and creatures alike. The Dragon is not just a character; it’s a statement of strength and invincibility in your lineup.

Player Support and Community

A breathtaking painting of a majestic mountain, enhanced by the mesmerizing beauty of crystals sparkling in the background, capturing the ethereal essence of December 2023.

In the evolving world of “Heir of Light: Eclipse,” your gaming experience is bolstered by comprehensive player support and a vibrant community. You’ll find structured assistance and lively discussions that enrich your gameplay and provide helpful resources.

Official Support Channels

Support: For direct assistance with “Heir of Light: Eclipse,” you can access the game’s own support system, often referred to as Support1st. This provision ensures that your queries and technical issues receive prompt and reliable attention from the developers, maintaining an uninterrupted gaming experience.

  • In-Game Support: Navigate through the game’s menu to the ‘Support’ or ‘Help’ section for FAQs and to submit a support ticket.
  • Email Support: Send your detailed queries to the official support email, typically addressed within 48 hours.

Community Interaction on Discord and Twitter

Discord: The “Heir of Light: Eclipse” Discord server stands as a hub for real-time interaction with other players. It offers channels dedicated to:

  • Strategies and tips
  • Updates and announcements
  • Peer-to-peer support

To enhance your access to information and community support, joining the game’s Discord is a strategic move.

Twitter: Stay informed and engaged with the game’s updates and community events through Heir of Light: Eclipse‘s dedicated Twitter account. Follow the handle to receive:

  • Immediate notification of new codes and rewards.
  • Highlights from community achievements and art.
  • Opportunities to interact with the game’s creators and fellow players.

Connecting with the game on Twitter provides not just news but also a sense of belonging to the “Heir of Light: Eclipse” gaming family.

Frequently Asked Questions

In December 2023, an Heir of Light finds himself standing alone in the vast desert, his eyes fixed on the mesmerizing display of stars above him. As he marvels at the celestial

In this section, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about “Heir of Light: Eclipse,” providing you with resources, tips, and strategies to enhance your gameplay experience as of December 2023.

How can I find a beginner’s guide for Heir of Light: Eclipse?

To get started with “Heir of Light: Eclipse,” look for beginner guides on gaming forums or check the Heir of Light subreddit where experienced players often share their insights.

What are the latest redeemable codes for Heir of Light: Eclipse and how do I use them?

Redeemable codes for “Heir of Light: Eclipse” can be found on the game’s official social media pages or through community-driven wiki pages. To use them, enter the codes within the in-game menu under the redeem section.

What is the current tier list for Heir of Light: Eclipse, and where can I find in-depth character analysis?

The current tier list is typically updated by the player community in response to balance changes. For detailed character analysis, consult dedicated gaming websites or discuss with others in Heir of Light forums.

Are there any tips for rerolling in Heir of Light: Eclipse to get a strong start?

Tips for rerolling usually involve resetting your game account to aim for high-tier characters from your initial summons. Specific strategies and steps are outlined by the community on gaming discussion platforms.

How can I connect with other players on the Heir of Light: Eclipse Discord server?

Look for an invite link to the official “Heir of Light: Eclipse” Discord server on the game’s website or community forums to join and connect with other players.

Where can I discuss strategies and find information on Reddit for Heir of Light: Eclipse?

The Heir of Light subreddit is a great place to engage in discussions about strategies, find guides, and read about updates from other players.

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