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Galaxy Casino Live Free Coins-Latest Links

20 May 2024

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To get Galaxy Casino Live free coins you can use the links we share in this article. It is the easiest way available in the market to get free coins in the game. So if you are one who is looking for it then this article is for you.

Galaxy Casino Live is a Vegas-style online casino game available on the play store and app store for free. And you can download it on your android and ios device to play it. You can play this game with the help of the virtual coins available in the game.

This game has over 1 million downloads from the play store and it is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by over 65K users. This game was first launched back in November 2012 by NuriGames Inc. With every update developers keep improving the game by adding new features to it.

You can get Galaxy Casino Live free coins every day from these links. This is not a one-time bonus that you can only get when you sign up or complete a task. You don’t have to complete any mission or require a VIP club to get these coins. Cash Tornado Free Coins

Galaxy Casino Live Free Coins

Now to get these free coins all you have to do is tap on the link one by one and collect from all of them. Also, make sure you collect from the latest links first and then collect from others.

17 May 2024

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16 May 2024

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15 May 2024

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13 May 2024

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12 May 2024

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10 May 2024

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09 May 2024

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08 May 2024

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06 May 2024

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05 May 2024

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04 May 2024

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02 May 2024

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01 May 2024

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These are links we have tested before and they can get you free coins in the Galaxy Casino Live game to all the users. All you need to have is the latest version installed on your mobile device.

Galaxy Casino Live Free Coins Features

All casino games have amazing features so Galaxy Casino Live also has so many of them. And here you can find some of them so check it out also.

  • Galaxy Casino Live game has over 100 slot games available and by playing it you can win various bonuses as well.
  • Not only can you get Galaxy Casino Live free coins with links but you can also get a daily bonus and a 2-hour bonus as well. To collect them all you have to do is open the game every 2 hours every day.
  • If you like to play video poker games then this game offers you so many video poker game modes that you can play with coins available in the game.
  • It also offers you a 5-player room which is helpful if you are playing the game with your friends and using the room to play tournament games.
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These are some amazing features that you can get in this Galaxy Casino Live game. As you know now some of the best features and tips to play this game more efficiently and improve your gameplay.

Understanding Galaxy Casino Live

Galaxy Casino Live is a social casino gaming platform developed by Nurigames Inc. The platform offers a variety of Vegas-style casino games that are available to play for free. Players can enjoy popular games such as slots, hold’em poker, video poker, black jack, baccarat, roulette, and keno.

Galaxy Casino Live is designed to provide players with the experience of playing in a real casino. The platform offers a variety of games that are designed to be fun and engaging. Players can enjoy the games from the comfort of their own home or while on the go.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Players can easily navigate through the platform and find the games they want to play. The platform also offers daily bonuses and free coins that players can use to play the games.

Galaxy Casino Live is a popular platform that is played by millions of people around the world. The platform is available on both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded for free from the app store.

Exploring Free Coins and Bonuses

Galaxy Casino Live offers various opportunities to earn free coins and bonuses. Players can collect free coins every two hours, which can be used to play more games and increase their chances of winning big. Additionally, there are daily bonuses that players can claim to receive bonus coins and other rewards.

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The Fortune Wheel is another way to earn bonus coins and rewards. Players can spin the wheel once a day to receive a random prize, including free coins, bonus coins, and other rewards. It’s a great way to add extra coins to your account without having to spend any money.

Galaxy Casino Live also offers seasonal events with special bonuses and rewards. During these events, players can earn even more bonus coins and other rewards by participating in special games and challenges. It’s a great way to add some excitement to the game and earn extra coins at the same time.

Diversity of Casino Games

Slot machine fro Galaxy Casino Live

Galaxy Casino Live offers a wide range of casino games, including slots, video poker, blackjack, keno, bingo, classic slots, video bingo, baccarat, roulette, and hold’em poker. With so many options available, players can enjoy a variety of games and find the ones that suit their preferences.

Slots are one of the most popular games in Galaxy Casino Live, with a variety of themes and styles to choose from. Classic slots offer a traditional gaming experience, while video slots feature advanced graphics and exciting bonus features.

Video poker is another popular option, with variations such as Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better available. Players can enjoy fast-paced gameplay using Multi-hand mode, with the ability to play up to 100 hands.

Blackjack and Baccarat offer realistic gameplay, with the ability to place bets and compete against other players. Keno and bingo are also available, with the chance to win big prizes by matching numbers.

Roulette is a classic casino game that is easy to learn and offers a variety of betting options. Hold’em poker and Texas Hold’em are also available, with the chance to compete against other players in multiplayer mode.

Engaging in Tournaments and Rooms

Pile of Galaxy Casino Live Free Coins

Galaxy Casino Live offers various ways to engage in tournaments and rooms. Players can compete in tournaments to win big rewards and show off their skills. To participate in a tournament, players must have a certain number of chips or coins to enter.

In 5-player rooms, players can join a group of five other players to compete against each other. These rooms offer a more intimate and competitive experience than the larger rooms. Players can also create their own 5-player rooms and invite their friends to join.

For those who prefer a more fast-paced experience, 5-player buy-in tables are available. These tables have a higher buy-in price, but offer larger rewards for the winners.

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Players can also earn free chips and coins by participating in daily challenges and logging in every day. Additionally, Galaxy Casino Live offers a Fortune Wheel that rewards players with free chips and coins every day.

VIP Experience at Galaxy Casino Live

Girl playing with Galaxy Casino Live Free Coins

Galaxy Casino Live offers a VIP program that rewards players with exclusive benefits and perks. VIP members get access to special events, dedicated support, and personalized bonuses.

To become a VIP member, players need to accumulate a certain amount of loyalty points by playing their favorite games. The more points they earn, the higher their VIP level becomes, unlocking more benefits and rewards.

Some of the benefits of being a VIP member at Galaxy Casino Live include faster withdrawals, higher deposit limits, and exclusive promotions. VIP members also get access to a personal account manager who can assist them with any issues or questions they may have.

App Availability and In-App Purchases

Galaxy Casino Live – Slots is available for free download on both the App Store and Google Play. The app is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later and Android 4.1 and up. The app has over 1 million downloads on the Play Store and a rating of 4.5 stars. On the App Store, the app has a rating of 4.7 stars.

The app offers in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.99. These purchases are optional and not required to play the game. The app also offers free coins every two hours and daily fortune wheel bonuses.

It is important to note that while Galaxy Casino Live – Slots offers casino-style games, it is intended for amusement purposes only and does not offer real money gambling. The app does contain ads, but they can be removed with an in-app purchase.

The current version of the app is 9.8, which was last updated on November 6, 2023. The app is addictive and players should be cautious not to overspend on in-app purchases.


We keep updating this article on a daily basis so you can always have access to the latest links and you can collect Galaxy Casino Live free coins. Make sure you visit our website every day to get your free coins and if possible please share it on social media as well.

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