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Last updated: June 15, 2024 at 7:45 am

Slotpark Free Coins & Chips-

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15 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Coins – Code-te4m456

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There are multiple ways you can get Slotpark free coins and here in this article, you can find the easiest way. So if you are looking to get some free coins or chips in this game then this article is for you.

The Slotpark game was launched on the play store in December 2015 by Funstage. And this is a quite popular casino game now with over 5 million downloads. It is available for android and ios users and you can download it for free from the play store and app store.

Slotpark has a presence on social media, especially on Facebook and their developer keeps sharing the links that can get you free coins in this game. But for you, it may not be that easy to go and get these free coin links.

But no need to worry because here in this article we have tested all those links and shared working links in one place. Not only today’s links but here you can find past links also.

And to get free coins in this casino game all you have to do is tap on the link and collect your coins in the game. The number of coins you can get varies on many things like which links you get, what is your level in the game, etc.

Slotpark Free Coins

Now below are all the links in the date-wise format so check them out one by one. And for maximum rewards make sure you collect your free coins from all the links.

14 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Coins – Code-d2s5b7

13 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Coins – Code-c5j8mhd

11 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Coins – Code-d2s5v7

09 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Coins – Code-d2g6nm

08 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Coins – Code-fc4ds7n

06 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Coins – Code-c3st7n

05 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Coins – Code-d3s7nk

04 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Coins – Code-d3s7nk

02 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Coins – Code-c3s6h8

01 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Coins – Code-ju7g6

The thing to keep in mind while you are collecting the free coins in the Slotpark game is to make sure you have connected your Facebook account with this game. There are rewards for other games like Galaxy Casino Live Free Coins and Full House Casino Free Chips.

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Slotpark Free Coins Features

Knowing the features of this Slotpark game can help you to know more about the games and learn more tips on how you can win the game level by level. So check out the features of this game.

  • This game offers a huge signup bonus when you sign up for the first time in the game. And those coins are enough to have a good start in this game.
  • Except for these links you can get huge rewards and free coins in the Slotpark game by spinning the super spins.
  • The odds of winning in the Slotpark game are really good so there are huge chances you win a good amount of coins and upgrade your level in the game.
  • You will get good daily bonus bonuses and as you progress in the game and upgrade your levels the bonus will also increase with it.

These are some amazing features that you can find only in this Slotpark game. So don’t miss out on this game, collect your free coins and start playing it.

Slotpark Free Coins Video

So to know more about the Slotpark game here we shared the video. This video can help you to understand more about the game and will get you ideas on how to play this game more efficiently.

Understanding Slotpark

Slotpark Game Overview

Slotpark is a popular mobile game app that offers a range of slot machines and other casino games. Players can enjoy the game on both Android and iOS devices. In the game, players can earn coins and chips to play various games, as well as participate in daily bonuses and promotions.

The game is free to download and play, but players can purchase additional coins and chips through in-app purchases. The game also offers a VIP program that provides additional bonuses and rewards for players who make frequent purchases.

Slotpark on Mobile Devices

Slotpark is available on both Android and iOS devices. The game can be downloaded for free from the respective app stores. Once downloaded, players can log in with their Facebook or Google accounts to save their progress and connect with friends.

The game is optimized for mobile devices and features easy-to-use controls and high-quality graphics. Players can also enjoy the game in landscape or portrait mode, depending on their preference.

In addition, Slotpark offers a range of features that are specifically designed for mobile devices. For example, players can use touch controls to spin the reels and swipe to navigate between games. The game also features a responsive design that adjusts to different screen sizes and resolutions.

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Acquiring Free Coins and Chips

Players of Slotpark can acquire free coins and chips by taking advantage of the daily bonuses and promotional offers available on the platform.

Daily Bonuses

Slotpark offers daily bonuses to players. These bonuses are given for free and are updated regularly. Players can collect their daily bonuses by logging into their accounts every day. The more frequently they log in, the more bonuses they can collect.

Promotional Offers

Slotpark also offers promotional offers to players. These offers are given for free and are regularly updated. Players can check the promotional offers section of the platform to see the latest offers available. They can also subscribe to the Slotpark newsletter to receive updates on new offers.

Players can also acquire free coins and chips by participating in Slotpark’s social media promotions. They can follow Slotpark on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the latest promotions. Slotpark also occasionally offers free coins and chips to players who refer their friends to the platform.

Boosting Game Rewards

Slotpark offers various ways to boost your game rewards, including super spins and bonus chances.

Super Spins

Super spins offer a higher chance of winning big rewards in Slotpark. These spins are activated by collecting special symbols during regular gameplay. Once activated, players can enjoy a higher chance of hitting a big win.

Bonus Chances

Slotpark offers various bonus chances to increase your rewards. These bonuses can be activated by completing certain tasks or by collecting special symbols during gameplay. Once activated, players can enjoy extra rewards, such as free spins or bonus coins.

By taking advantage of these reward-boosting features, players can increase their chances of hitting big wins and enjoying the game even more. Keep an eye out for special symbols and complete tasks to activate these bonuses and increase your rewards.

Slotpark Bonus Codes

Slotpark offers various bonus codes that players can use to receive free coins and chips. These codes are regularly updated and can be found on various websites, including

Using Bonus Codes

To use a bonus code in Slotpark, players need to enter the code in the “Redeem Bonus” section of the game. Once the code is entered, the bonus will be credited to the player’s account automatically. It is important to note that bonus codes can only be used once per account.

Daily Bonus Code

Slotpark also offers a daily bonus code that players can use to receive free coins and chips. These codes are updated daily and can be found on various websites, including To use the daily bonus code, players need to enter the code in the “Redeem Bonus” section of the game. The daily bonus code can only be used once per day.

Slotpark on Social Media

Social media on mobile for Slotpark Free Coins

Slotpark has a strong presence on social media platforms, especially Facebook. The game’s official fan page on Facebook has over 100,000 followers, and it is regularly updated with news, promotions, and giveaways.

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Official Fan Page

The official fan page is the primary source of news and updates for Slotpark players. It is a great place to find out about new games, features, and promotions. The page also features user-generated content, such as screenshots and videos, which can provide inspiration and entertainment for other players.

Link Exchange

Slotpark has a dedicated community of players who are always looking for ways to help each other out. One of the ways they do this is through link exchange groups on Facebook. These groups allow players to share links to free coins and spins, which can be a great way to boost your balance without spending any real money.

Additional Slotpark Features

Pile of Slotpark Free Coins & Chips


One of the unique features of Slotpark is the Adventure mode. In this mode, players can embark on a journey through different worlds and complete various challenges to earn rewards. The Adventure mode adds an extra layer of excitement to the game and allows players to experience something different from the standard slot games.

Vegas Slots

For those who prefer the traditional Vegas-style slot machines, Slotpark offers a wide selection of games that will satisfy their cravings. These games feature classic symbols, such as lucky sevens, cherries, and bars, and offer a simple yet entertaining gameplay experience.

In addition to Adventure and Vegas Slots, Slotpark offers a variety of other slot games that cater to different preferences. From themed games, such as Book of Ra and Sizzling Hot, to modern video slots, such as Dolphin’s Pearl and Lucky Lady’s Charm, there is something for everyone.


Here we have shared the complete method and working links that can get you Slotpark free coins very easily. All you have to do is visit our website on a regular basis to get access to these links and collect all your free coins.

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