Revelation M Tier List: All Classes

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Navigating the world of Revelation M, you’ll find that making the right choice in class and job selection is vital for your gameplay experience. The game offers a variety of options, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses that suit different playstyles and strategic approaches.

Understanding the tier list helps you make an informed decision, as it ranks all classes and jobs based on their overall performance and utility in the game’s current meta.

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The tier list is a dynamic and essential tool for both new and seasoned players. It reflects the current balance and trends within Revelation M, highlighting which classes excel in PVP battles, PVE content, or support roles.

With the list, you can identify which classes are considered top-tier, having a significant advantage in most areas of the game, and which ones might require more expertise to be effective.

As you consider your choices, keep in mind the game modes and the environments you’ll be venturing into. Each class brings a different set of abilities to the table, so your strategy and the role you wish to play in your team can significantly influence your class choice.

The tier list will guide your selection, ensuring your character aligns with your desired gaming experience.

Understanding the Ranking System

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When evaluating Revelation M‘s various classes and jobs, the tier list is a vital resource to help you understand where each class stands in different aspects of the game, such as PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player). Tiers are typically labeled from S to B or lower, indicating the overall effectiveness and utility of a class.

In PvE, classes are mainly ranked based on their damage output and ability to control mobs, ensuring efficient progression through the game content. Classes with high survivability or healing capabilities are also highly valued as they contribute to the team’s endurance.

For PvP, a class’s ability to deal damage while maintaining control over the opponent is essential. Classes are also evaluated on their potential to provide buffing and support to allies during combat, enhancing the team’s strength.

The typical ranking looks like this:

  • S Tier: Excellent in almost all game aspects, top damage output, superb control, and survivability.
  • A Tier: Great performance with some possible weaknesses, good damage, and effective healing or buffing.
  • B Tier: Adequate performance but may require specific strategies or team compositions to excel.

Your choice should consider the role you prefer and your playstyle. Remember, a well-coordinated team that leverages the strengths of its classes is often more successful than a team relying solely on tier rankings.

Comprehensive Class Analysis

In Revelation M, your success hinges on selecting a class that not only fits your play style but also holds its own in various aspects of gameplay. Here, we’ll dissect the strengths, weaknesses, and roles of each class to enhance your strategic approach to the game.

Paladin Breakdown

As a Paladin, you embody resilience and leadership on the battlefield. This class excels in healing and buffing, making it an indispensable support class. Your role revolves around maintaining the group’s survivability while providing substantial aid during clashes.

Spirit Shaper Insights

If you choose the way of the Spirit Shaper, you access potent healing magic and transformative support capabilities. Emphasize your role in restoring health and fortifying allies to turn the tides in communal confrontations.

Occultist Overview

The Occultist excels in a blend of damage output and control, wielding magic to devastate opponents. Your expertise lies in managing the battlefield and undermining enemy formations with decisive, arcane assaults.

Swordmage Strategies

As a Swordmage, you harness magic to execute powerful attacks and establish control. Your focus is on directing high damage output against adversaries, showcasing your class as a pivotal architect of offense in any skirmish.

Blade Master Tactics

Choose the path of the Blade Master for unparalleled survivability and consistent damage output. This class stands at the vanguard, cutting through enemy lines and adapting to the ever-evolving chaos of battle.

Peri Dynamics

The Peri class offers a complex mix of buffing, control, and support. Your adaptive strategies should involve enhancing allies’ potency while deftly maneuvering to keep control of the combat environment.

Trait and Race Tier Lists

Evaluating traits and races can refine your gameplay, enhancing your chosen class’s abilities. Align these carefully to ensure they complement your overarching game strategy and maximize your character’s potential within the tier list.

Magic Guide

Understanding your magical repertoire is crucial. Utilize the magic guide to understand each class’s unique magical abilities. Through this, you can exploit the strengths of your chosen class and strategize effectively against your opponents.

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MMO Mechanics and Gameplay

When diving into Revelation M, understanding the game’s core mechanics is essential for optimizing your performance whether you’re embroiled in player versus environment (PvE) skirmishes or engaged in player versus player (PvP) combat.

PvE vs PvP Settings

In PvE, your primary concern is how well your class can handle AI-driven enemies and bosses, where area of effect (AoE) and sustained damage over time (DoT) abilities are crucial. Conversely, PvP gameplay demands a nuanced approach with a focus on burst damage, crowd control, and tactical evasion to outmaneuver other players.

  • PvE Priority: AoE and DoT abilities for crowd and boss encounters.
  • PvP Priority: Burst damage, crowd control, evasion for one-on-one or group fights.

Monopoly Go! System

The Monopoly Go! system in Revelation M is a unique feature allowing for free rolls that can significantly influence your gameplay. Using these rolls strategically can advance your character by acquiring exclusive in-game rewards and upgrades, enhancing your overall MMO experience.

  • Strategies with Free Rolls:
    • Use rolls to land on beneficial tiles for character progression.
    • Save rolls for event-specific boards with higher rewards.

Clover Retribution Mechanics

The Clover Retribution mechanics introduce a layer of strategy in both PvE and PvP. Completing certain in-game objectives empowers you through buffs or temporary abilities, giving you an edge during critical gaming moments. This system rewards skillful gameplay and tactical decision-making.

  • Tactical Use of Clover Retribution:
    • Aim for objectives that reward buffs aligned with your current in-game goals.
    • Balance offensive and defensive buffs based on PvE or PvP requirements.

Maximizing Speed and Efficiency

In Revelation M, speed and efficiency are imperative to your progression. This involves optimizing your character’s movement for quick navigation of the game world and streamlining combat to reduce time spent in encounters.

  • Tips for Enhanced Speed:
    • Choose classes and abilities that offer increased movement and shorter cooldowns.
    • Prioritize gear and upgrades that enhance your speed stat for better gameplay fluidity.

Mobile Game Integration

An infographic showcasing the diverse range of eggs, ranked in a tier list for optimal gameplay.

When you dive into Revelation M, your experience greatly hinges on how the game’s classes and jobs are integrated into the mobile platform. The developers have curated a system where each class is tailored to deliver an optimal performance on your device.

First, the User Interface (UI) is designed with touch screens in mind, ensuring that you have easy access to skills and items. This means your combat actions are streamlined, allowing for quick decision-making and responsiveness that mobile gaming necessitates.

Here’s a breakdown of UI elements:

  • Skill Buttons: Sized for easy tapping without obscuring the view.
  • Character Health/Mana Bars: Clearly visible to keep track of your vitals.
  • Inventory Access: Simplified for fast gear swaps.

Classes in Revelation M are balanced for both short gaming sessions and longer playtimes, so you can progress whether you have minutes or hours. Auto-navigation and auto-battle features accommodate on-the-go gaming, which can be toggled off for a more hands-on approach when you prefer.

To ensure a smooth experience, the game is optimized for a variety of mobile devices. You can expect consistent frame rates and resolution settings that adapt to your specific hardware. This maximizes battery life and minimizes overheating, making your gaming sessions comfortable and enjoyable.

Remember, choosing a class isn’t just about power; it’s also about how it feels to play on your mobile device. Choose a class that aligns with your play style and device capabilities to get the most out of Revelation M.

Limited-Time Events and Opportunities

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In Revelation M, periodic events offer you unique gameplay experiences and rewards. Staying informed on these exclusive opportunities enhances your journey in this mobile MMORPG. Take advantage of these limited-time chances to secure special in-game items and characters.

JuJutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade Event Details

Event Duration: The JuJutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade event is a temporary feature, presenting a narrow window for participation. Ensure you log in during the event period to avoid missing out.

Collaboration Highlights:

  • Exclusive Character: For the duration of the event, the character Movie MC Yuta becomes accessible. This presents you with a rare opportunity to add a powerful ally to your team.
  • Themed Rewards: Participating in the event may yield special items themed around the JuJutsu Kaisen series.

How to Participate:

  1. Check the event start and end dates in your game notifications to ensure your availability.
  2. Follow event-specific quests and missions to progress through the JuJutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade storyline.

Player Interaction:

  • Community Engagement: Use the in-game comments section to share strategies and experiences or to seek assistance from fellow players.
  • Queries Handling: Should you have any questions about the event, the Revelation M community managers are available to provide clarity.
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Note: As events like JuJutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade are produced by NetEase Games, they often tie into larger media occurrences such as anime releases or seasonal celebrations, making them significant not only in-game but also within the broader fandom community.

Player Interaction and Community

When engaging in an MMORPG like Revelation M, your experience is significantly influenced by interactions within the game’s community. Understanding the value of player comments and discussions can be pivotal in enhancing your gameplay and strategic decisions.

Leveraging Player Comments

Questions: When you have questions about classes and jobs in Revelation M, diving into the community’s discussions provides a variety of perspectives. Utilize community forums and social media platforms to ask specific questions; this often leads to receiving rich, insightful answers from experienced players.

Comments: Player comments are a goldmine for discovering the nuances of each class and job. Pay attention to comments regarding the meta, as these can indicate shifts in the game’s balance that might affect your decisions on character ranking.

Tips and Tricks: Implement advice found in the community to improve your gameplay. Analysing user-submitted tips and tricks can propel your understanding of higher-tier strategies and character abilities. Notably, veteran players often share their approaches to optimizing class-specific skills and gear.

Comments Analysis: Sift through comments critically, looking for recurring points or consensus among players. This can reveal reliable information on class strengths and weaknesses that may not be immediately apparent through in-game experiences alone.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

The texas tier list is shown on a dark background.

When engaging with Revelation M, your expertise can truly shine by leveraging a set of advanced strategies. Here’s how you can maximize your impact:

Knowing Your Class Inside-Out:

  • Master your chosen class’ combos and timing.
  • Memorize the strengths and limitations to capitalize on your role in a team setting.

Optimizing Equipment:

  • Equip items that complement your class attributes.
  • Regularly upgrade your gear for better stats.

Strategic Skill Enhancement:

  • Prioritize upgrading essential skills first.
  • Balance active and passive skills based on your playstyle.

Efficient Resource Management:

  • Conserve in-game currency for significant power boosts.
  • Spend resources on valuable upgrades rather than cosmetics.

Collaborative Play:

  • Coordinate with your team to perform synergistic attacks.
  • Learn the best supporting roles for your class and adapt as necessary.

PvP Prowess:

  • Observe opponents’ patterns and exploit their weaknesses.
  • Use the environment to your advantage in battles.

Employing these tactics can give you a significant edge in Revelation M. Stay informed, adapt, and most importantly, enjoy the strategic depth that comes with playing at an advanced level.

Updates and Future Developments

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As you continue your adventure in Revelation M, staying up-to-date with the latest class and job rankings is crucial for strategizing your gameplay. The developers regularly provide updates that can impact the tier list by balancing classes and tweaking abilities. Here’s what you need to know about the current state and what to expect.

Current Updates:

  • Class Balancing: Regular patches aim to keep all classes competitive, with some moving up or down the ranks depending on the latest changes.
  • New Content: Expansion packs and events can introduce new skills or gear affecting class performance in various game modes.

Anticipated Developments:

  • Upcoming Patches: Keep an eye out for official patch notes, as future adjustments to classes may shift the existing tier list.
  • Community Feedback: Player input can lead to tweaks in job mechanics, influencing their standing in the tier list.
Class ChangesMinor tweaks and overhauls to maintain class balance.
New AbilitiesPotentially introduced in updates, offering fresh gameplay strategies.
Game ModesAdjustments to PvE and PvP content that may favor different classes.

Stay informed by following Revelation M‘s official channels and community forums. Your knowledge of these changes will position you to make informed choices about which classes to invest time into for achieving your in-game goals.

Class Tier List

When choosing your class in Revelation M, it’s crucial to understand where each ranks in terms of overall effectiveness across different aspects of the game. The tier list for classes and jobs can serve as a guide for selecting a class that suits your playstyle.

S-Tier Classes
These are the top-performing classes, known for their exceptional abilities in either solo or group settings:

  • Blade Master: Excellent in PvP and capable in PvE situations.
  • Occultist: Versatile with high rankings in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

A-Tier Classes
These classes are powerful, offering a balance of strength and utility:

  • Gunslinger: Particularly effective in team play with high-damage skills.
  • Swordmage: Known for formidable level 59 DPS.
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B-Tier Classes
While not as dominant as the S or A tiers, these classes are still solid choices with good capabilities:

  • List additional B-tier classes here, if applicable.

Remember, each class can shine in the right hands, and the tier list may evolve with game updates or new strategies. Your personal preference and playstyle should always be the final deciding factor in your class choice.

Expert Recommendations

A calendar with different colored squares on it that allows for class scheduling and Revelation M events tracking.

When selecting your class in Revelation M, your choice should align with your preferred playstyle in both PvP and PvE environments. Each class offers unique strengths that cater to different gaming experiences.

S-Tier Classes:

  • Blade Master: Highly recommended for PvP, providing excellent offensive capabilities.
  • Occultist: For PvE, the Occultist shines with an S rank for its versatility and damage.

A-Tier Classes:

  • The Occultist remains a solid choice in PvP with an A rank, ensuring high performance.
  • In PvE, this class provides top-notch crowd control and strong AoE spells.

B-Tier Classes:

  • Suitable for players seeking a good balance without necessitating the top ranks.

For solo play, consider how each class thrives on its own:

  • Blade Masters may face challenges due to a B rank in solo scenarios, requiring more skill to excel.
  • Occultists are well-rounded, making solo progress efficient with an A rank.

When picking your class, it’s important to focus on:

  1. Your role preference (DPS, healer, tank)
  2. Your desired balance between solo and group activities

For PvE:

  • Prioritize classes that can manage multiple enemies and sustain themselves.

For PvP:

  • Opt for classes with burst damage and crowd control skills to outmaneuver opponents.

Remember, these recommendations serve as a guide. Your personal experience and enjoyment are what truly define the best class for you in Revelation M.

Additional Resources

For a deeper understanding and mastery of Revelation M’s classes and jobs, consider the following resources to bolster your gameplay:

Tips and Tricks

  • Community Forums: Engage with experienced players on platforms like Reddit and Discord to uncover game-specific strategies.
  • Youtube Playthroughs: Watch seasoned gamers demonstrate class mechanics and provide commentary.


  • Official FAQ: Visit the game’s official FAQ section for answers to common queries.
  • Developer Q&A Sessions: Look out for scheduled Q&A sessions conducted by the game developers to stay informed.


  • Feedback Threads: Share and read comments on update threads to gain insights into community opinions on class balance changes.

Magic Guide

  • Wikis: Utilize wiki pages dedicated to Revelation M for comprehensive magic and skill guides.
  • In-Game Tutorials: Don’t overlook in-game tutorials, which often contain valuable information not easily found elsewhere.

Remember to always compare information from multiple sources and use reputable community-approved guides for the most accurate and useful advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Tier List chart displaying the optimal gameplay choices in Revelation M featuring a group of people with different faces.

In this section, you’ll find detailed answers regarding the hierarchy of classes in Revelation M. These rankings shed light on the performance of each class in various settings of the game.

Which classes are currently considered top-tier in Revelation M?

Top-tier classes in Revelation M, known for their superior game performance, include Blade Master and Occultist. Blade Master excels in PvP with an overall rank of S, while Occultist is versatile with high ranks in both PvP and PvE.

How are classes and jobs ranked within Revelation M?

Classes and jobs in Revelation M are ranked based on their effectiveness across different game modes such as Solo play, PvP (Player versus Player), and PvE (Player versus Environment), taking into account their abilities and how well they perform in these areas.

What factors determine the ranking of classes in Revelation M?

Rankings are primarily influenced by a class’s performance in battle, versatility in various scenarios, and their ease of play. Contributing factors include DPS output potential, support and healing capabilities, as well as crowd control skills.

Are there any underdog classes in Revelation M that are underrated but powerful?

Classes such as Spirit Shaper, while not at the top of the tier list, have been recognized for their ability to effectively support and control crowds. This makes them potent allies in group settings despite their overall lower rank.

What updates have recently affected class and job rankings in Revelation M?

The rankings are periodically affected by game updates such as balancing changes, the introduction of new content, or adjustments to abilities. These updates can significantly alter the existing hierarchy of classes and jobs.

How often do class and job rankings change in Revelation M?

Class and job rankings are subject to change with each game update or patch. The frequency of these updates can vary, so it’s advisable to stay informed on the latest changes to maintain an edge in the game.

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