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myVEGAS Slots Free Chips-

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15 June 2024

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Getting myVEGAS Free Chips is easy if you know the correct method and have access to working reward links. In this article, you can find all the working links and methods that can get you free chips in this online casino slots game.

myVEGAS is an online vegas style casino game that is available on the play store and app store. It has over 10 million downloads on the play store and more than 1 million active users who play this game on a regular basis.

If you like to play free las vegas inspired slot machines and slot games then the myVEGAS game is for you. And with 3 million chips on the first time sign up you can get a good start in this online casino slots game.

Now to get free chips in the myVEGAS game there are a few methods available that you can use. And all methods like collecting your hour rewards and daily login rewards are well known. But the number of chips you get through these methods is not huge.

The most effective way to get free chips in online casino slots is using the reward links shared by the game developed on their social media. Every day myVEGAS game developers share one or more links on social media for all the players.

And by using those links you can easily get your free chips. Here in the article, we have shared all the working links so you can find them all in one place. We also cover Club Vegas Free Coins and Heart of Vegas Free Coins you can check that out also.

myVEGAS Free Chips [Mobile]

Now you know the easiest and most rewarding way to get free chips is by using the reward links. So below are all the links, to get your free chips tap on the ‘Collect Free Chips’ link available under the date.

14 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips
  2. Collect Free Chips

13 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips
  2. Collect Free Chips

12 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

11 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

10 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

09 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

08 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

07 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

06 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

05 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

04 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

03 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

02 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

01 June 2024

  1. Collect Free Chips

If you are getting any errors while collecting your free chips in this game then check if you have connected your Facebook account with this game or not. 

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Features of myVEGAS Free Chips

Knowing myVEGAS game features can be helpful, it can help you to get more ideas about tips and tricks that can get you good rewards in the game.

  • You can play casinos like Savage Eyes, Chili Chili Fire, Lotus Land, and Masked Ball Nights and win a good amount of free chips in myVEGAS game.
  • With the signup bonus of 3 million chips, you can start your journey in this game very well. And on top of them all the rewards that you collect from links that include a good amount of free chips also.
  • myVEGAS has millions of active players on their platform so you can play the game with players from all over the world.

There is a wheel available in the game you can get one spin for free every day so you can spin it every day and get good rewards.

myVEGAS Slots Free Chips Video

Now if you want to know more about the myVEGAS game and all the tips and tricks to improve winning chances and win huge jackpots then check out the below video.

Understanding myVEGAS Slots Free Chips

What are Free Chips

Free chips are a type of currency used in myVEGAS Slots, a mobile app that allows players to play slot machines and earn rewards.

These rewards can be redeemed for real-life rewards such as hotel stays, meals, and show tickets in Las Vegas. Free chips can be earned in various ways, including daily bonuses, bi-hourly bonuses, leveling up, and completing challenges.

How to Earn Free Chips

Players can earn free chips in myVEGAS Slots by logging in daily to claim their daily bonus and bi-hourly bonus. They can also level up by playing the slot machines and completing challenges, which will reward them with free chips. Additionally, players can connect their Facebook account to myVEGAS Slots to earn more free chips.

Players can also collect free chips from various websites and Facebook groups that share links to free chip bonuses. However, it is important to be cautious when using these links, as some may be scams or lead to malicious websites.

Playing myVEGAS Slots on Different Platforms

Winning slot machine

Playing on iOS

To play myVEGAS Slots on iOS, simply download the app from the App Store. Once you have the app, you can log in using your Facebook account or create a new account. The app is compatible with iOS 10.0 or later and is optimized for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Playing on Android

To play myVEGAS Slots on Android, download the app from Google Play. Once you have the app, you can log in using your Facebook account or create a new account. The app is compatible with Android 4.1 and up and is optimized for both phones and tablets.

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Playing on Facebook

To play myVEGAS Slots on Facebook, simply log in to your Facebook account and search for myVEGAS Slots. You can then play the game directly from Facebook without downloading any additional software.

It is important to note that myVEGAS free chips collection must be done either in Facebook or a mobile browser that supports flash, such as the Puffin Browser.

The Role of Rewards and Bonuses

myVEGAS Slots offers a variety of rewards and bonuses to players. These rewards and bonuses are an essential part of the game and play a significant role in helping players progress through the game.

Understanding Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points are a type of currency in myVEGAS Slots that players can use to purchase rewards such as free chips, hotel stays, and show tickets. Players can earn Loyalty Points by playing the game, completing daily challenges, and participating in special events.

Maximizing Daily and Time Bonuses

Daily and Time Bonuses are rewards that players can collect every day. Daily bonuses are available once every 24 hours, while Time Bonuses are available every two hours. Players can maximize their bonuses by logging in every day and playing the game regularly.

The Importance of VIP Level

VIP Level is a measure of a player’s loyalty and activity in myVEGAS Slots. Players can increase their VIP Level by earning Loyalty Points and playing the game regularly. As players increase their VIP Level, they unlock additional rewards and benefits, such as higher daily bonuses and more Loyalty Points.

Exploring the myVEGAS Slots Games

Row of slot machines

myVEGAS Slots has a wide variety of slot games that cater to every player’s preference. From classic three-reel slots to modern video slots, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the most popular slot games on myVEGAS Slots:

Popular Slot Games

  • Excalibur – A medieval-themed slot game with 20 paylines and a maximum payout of 10,000 coins.
  • Buffalo Rush – A wildlife-themed slot game with 243 ways to win and a maximum payout of 1,000 coins.
  • Lucky Wheel – A classic three-reel slot game with five paylines and a maximum payout of 2,500 coins.

Understanding Jackpots

myVEGAS Slots offers both regular jackpots and progressive jackpots. Regular jackpots have a fixed payout amount, while progressive jackpots increase in value as more players play the game. Here are some things to keep in mind when playing for jackpots:

  • Always bet the maximum amount to qualify for the jackpot.
  • Check the paytable to see the jackpot amount and how to win it.
  • Progressive jackpots have higher payouts but are harder to win.
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Other Casino Games

myVEGAS Slots also offers other casino games, such as blackjack. Here are some tips for playing blackjack on myVEGAS Slots:

  • Always split aces and eights.
  • Hit on a hand of 12 or less.
  • Stand on a hand of 17 or more.

Real-Life Rewards and Benefits

Pile of myVEGAS Slots Free Chips

myVEGAS Slots offers more than just virtual coins and chips. Players can earn real-life rewards and benefits from top Las Vegas resorts like Bellagio, Aria, MGM Grand, and many more.

Earning Real-Life Rewards

Players can earn loyalty points by playing myVEGAS Slots and redeem them for real-life rewards. The more you play, the more loyalty points you earn. You can also earn bonus loyalty points by completing daily challenges and participating in events.

Redeeming for Show Tickets and Meals

Players can redeem their loyalty points for a variety of rewards, including show tickets and meals.

There are a variety of shows to choose from, including Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group. You can also redeem your loyalty points for meals at top restaurants like Wolfgang Puck and Emeril’s.

The Community and Social Aspects of myVEGAS Slots

myVEGAS Slots Slots machines

The myVEGAS Community

myVEGAS Slots has a thriving community of players who love the game and enjoy interacting with each other. Players can join the myVEGAS community on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on the latest news, events, and promotions.

They can also connect with other players and share tips, strategies, and experiences. The myVEGAS community is friendly, welcoming, and supportive, making it a great place to be for anyone who loves social casino gaming.

Social Casino Gaming

Social casino gaming is a popular form of online entertainment that allows players to enjoy casino games like slots, blackjack, and roulette without risking any real money. Instead, players use virtual currency to play the games and win rewards like free chips, bonuses, and real-life prizes.

Social casino gaming is a fun and safe way to experience the thrill of casino gaming without the risk of addiction or financial ruin. myVEGAS Slots is one of the best social casino games available, offering players a wide range of games, rewards, and social features to enjoy.


With all the links in this article, you can collect myVEGAS free chips in this online casino slots game. And also with the features section, you can know more about this game and learn some tips from the video.

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