How Many Areas in Royal Match

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Royal Match invites you to a colorful world of match-3 puzzles where you work to beautify various areas of a royal realm. As you progress through the game, each level you complete earns you stars, which are then used to unlock and renovate different sections of the kingdom.

An up-to-date, large white and gold building with Royal Match areas.

The game comprises numerous areas, each with a distinctive theme and a set of tasks to complete. After finishing all tasks in one area, you’ll have the opportunity to tap the “New Area” button to discover new spaces waiting for your touch.

Each successfully completed task helps you advance further, constantly unveiling new challenges and areas to bring to life.

Overview of Royal Match

An aerial view of a city with a soccer field.

Royal Match is a free-to-play mobile game that has gained a substantial following for its engaging match-3 puzzles and colorful design. You can find it available for download on Google Play and other app stores.

Game Genre and Popularity

  • Game Genre: Royal Match is categorized as a match-3 puzzle game, which requires you to combine three or more items to progress.
  • Popularity: Due to its addictive gameplay and frequent updates, it is a popular choice among mobile game enthusiasts.

Main Objective

The main objective in Royal Match is to:

  • Clear Obstacles: Remove various barriers on the game board.
  • Use Power-ups: Combine special power-ups to overcome challenging levels.
  • Unlock Areas: Progress through levels to unlock and decorate new areas within the game.

Getting Started

A guide to playing Egyptian Mahjong on a blue background with areas for Royal Match.

In Royal Match, you begin an adventurous journey consisting of various levels and areas, each with unique tasks and rewards.

Accessing the Game

To start playing Royal Match, locate the game on the app store of your device and download it. Once installed, simply tap the icon on your home screen to dive into the realm of match-3 puzzles.

Basic Rules and Gameplay

Royal Match is a match-3 game where you swap adjacent pieces to form lines of three or more similar objects. Each level you complete earns you stars, which are crucial for unlocking tasks and progressing through areas.

Understanding the Home Screen

The home screen in Royal Match is your navigation hub. Here, you’ll find the:

  • Tasks Button: Tap to view Area Progress.
  • Level Map: Shows available and completed levels.
  • Area Chest: Rewards upon completion of area tasks.

Game Progression

Egyptian chess - Royal Match.

In Royal Match, your progress depends on completing levels and unlocking new areas by fulfilling specific tasks associated with each area.

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Level Advancement

To progress in Royal Match, you need to complete levels. Each time you successfully finish a level, you gain a star, which contributes towards completing tasks in your current area.

Unlocking New Areas

You can unlock new areas by completing all tasks in your current area. Once done, you simply tap the “New Area” button to advance and explore fresh challenges.

Area Progress Indicators

Your progress in any given area is visible through:

  • A progress bar that fills as you complete tasks.
  • A Task button on the home screen that lets you track how many tasks you’ve finished and how many remain.

Remember, reaching 100% on the progress bar signifies the completion of an area, allowing you to claim rewards and proceed to the next challenge.

Challenges and Obstacles

An illustration of a castle in the middle of a lake, fit for a royal match.

In “Royal Match,” progressing through the different areas involves overcoming a variety of challenges that test your puzzle-solving skills.

Encountering Hard Levels

  • Hard Levels: You’ll face levels that are more intricate and demanding, requiring thoughtful planning.
  • Super Hard Levels: Some levels are labeled as ‘Super Hard’, presenting the toughest puzzles that might take several tries to complete.

Strategizing with Power-Ups and Boosters

  • Power-Ups: Utilize items like TNT barrels to clear difficult obstacles; combining two can cause a large explosion, helping you clear more pieces.
  • Boosters: Earned or purchased boosters provide strategic advantages, such as extra moves or special abilities to tackle hard levels.

Achievements and Rewards

A group of men, including a guide, are standing in a large room.

In Royal Match, your success hinges on collecting stars and coins while unlocking and opening chests for bountiful rewards.

Earning Stars and Coins

  • Stars: Earned by completing levels, these are essential to progress through different areas.
  • Coins: Collected in-game, coins are used for purchasing critical items or lives.

Unlocking and Opening Chests

  • Completed Area Chests: Once you complete all tasks in an area, a special chest becomes available.
  • Area Chest Rewards: Rewards from these chests may include stars, coins, or other useful items.

In-Game Features

A screenshot of the game "Royal Match" featuring a castle in the background.

Royal Match offers you a variety of in-game features designed to enhance your gameplay experience through strategic use of boosters, engagement in themed events, and competition in the Royal League.

Unique Boosters and Power-Ups

In Royal Match, you have access to an array of unique boosters and power-ups that assist in clearing challenging levels. These include:

  • Propeller and Rocket: Clear rows or columns.
  • Light Ball: Eliminate all tiles of the same color.
  • Hammer and Royal Hammer: Smash individual tiles or obstacles.
  • TNT: Explodes surrounding tiles.
  • Arrow and Cannon: Target and destroy specific tiles.
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Employing these tools strategically can be the key to your success in the tougher stages of the game.

Bonus Levels and Events

You’ll find bonus levels and limited-time events that offer special rewards and enhanced gameplay elements. Participate in events for exclusive power-ups like the Jester Hat, which adds an extra layer of strategy and reward to your game.

The Royal League

Competing in the Royal League allows you to test your skills against other players. As you climb the ranks of the Royal League, your efforts are rewarded with special boosters such as Light Balls and Royal Hammers, adding to your repertoire of strategic gameplay options.

Social and Competitive Play

In Royal Match, you can enhance your gaming experience by joining a team and participating in competitive events, which allow you to compete against other players, earn crowns, and improve your rank.

Joining a Team

  • Join: Find a team to connect with other players.
  • Benefits: Share lives, participate in team events, and compete for higher ranks as a group.

Competing in Events and Challenges

  • Events: Dream Games hosts various timed events with different gameplay mechanics.
  • Challenges: Compete in challenges to accrue crowns and climb the leaderboards.

Strategies and Tips

A screenshot of the game "Royal Match" with many jewels and gems.

In mastering Royal Match, your approach to gameplay strategies and advanced tips is crucial to progressing through quests and levels confidently.

Gameplay Strategies

  • Focus on Objectives: Always understand the level’s goal before making any move. This might include clearing colored tiles or collecting certain items.
  • Prioritize Your Moves:
    • Not all moves are created equal. Create power-ups like rockets when possible to clear more pieces.
    • Lightning Rush: Activate this to clear more tiles quickly and efficiently.

Advance Tips for Experienced Players

  • Planning Ahead: Experienced players should plan several moves in advance, aiming for combinations that trigger cascading matches.
  • Quest Completion:
    • Focus on completing quests as they often yield beneficial rewards.
    • Perform strategic moves that align with quest requirements.
  • Utilize Power-ups Wisely: Save your rockets and other power-ups for difficult levels or when you’re close to failing a match-3 level.

Content Updates

A Royal Match slot machine adorned with dazzling jewels and gems.

In “Royal Match,” you continuously receive new content through updates that add more levels and expand the virtual kingdom with innovative areas and features.

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Adding New Levels

Each update typically brings a new set of challenging levels for you to enjoy. King Robert oversees the addition of fresh rounds, ensuring the gameplay experience remains engaging.

New levels can be expected regularly, allowing for continual progress in your gaming journey.

Introducing New Areas and Features

  • New Areas: As you advance through the game, you unlock various areas in King Robert’s kingdom, each with its own unique theme and challenges.
  • Features: Updates can introduce exciting gameplay mechanics and power-ups to enhance your experience.

Your mastery of match-3 puzzles directly contributes to the beautification and expansion of the kingdom, making every update an opportunity to discover something new.

Frequently Asked Questions

A game of chess with colorful balls on a Royal Match board.

In this section, you’ll find straightforward answers to common inquiries about the different aspects of Royal Match, including progressing through levels and the game’s monetization strategies.

How do you unlock new areas in Royal Match?

To unlock new areas in Royal Match, you need to complete the tasks in the current area. Each task is finished by using stars, which you earn by winning levels. Tap the “New Area” button to access your newly unlocked space.

What is the last level available in Royal Match as of the latest update?

The latest level available in Royal Match can vary as new updates add more levels. Check the game’s updates or the community forums for the most recent level count.

Can you explain the purpose of crowns in Royal Match and how to obtain them?

Crowns in Royal Match serve as a ranking system, showing progress and skill. You can obtain crowns by completing levels and achieving certain milestones within the game.

What are the key elements and features to be aware of in Royal Match?

Key elements in Royal Match include tasks that define what you can build in an area, stars to complete these tasks, and the “New Area” button to unlock further areas once tasks are completed.

Why is Royal Match frequently promoted by celebrity figures?

Royal Match is often promoted by celebrities as part of marketing efforts. These endorsements can help attract a wider audience to the game.

How does the Royal Match application generate revenue?

Royal Match generates revenue through in-app purchases, such as extra lives or special moves, and through advertising within the application.

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