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Bingo Story Freebies & Free Credits-Latest Links

22 July 2024

  1. Collect Free Freebies

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Now to get Bingo Story Freebies and credits you can use links that we share in this article. We also cover some of the best features of the Bingo Story game and a video containing tips and tips on how to play this game to win maximum rewards.

So check out the article till the end to become a real bingo pro player. To get freebies, credits, or tokens in this game there are a few methods that you can use. But till now the most effective and easiest way is the reward links.

You can find these reward links on Bingo Story’s social media handles, email notifications, etc. But to make it easier for you we keep sharing all the Bingo Story freebies and free credit links here in this article. These are daily links and it keeps changing every day so you have to collect them every day here from our website.

As you all know Bingo Story is one the famous bingo games and you can download it for free from the play store and app store. And you can play this game with the help of free credits and tokens provided in the game.

But signup credits may not be enough for all users so here are links to get you more for free. Now here not only this but you can also check out Bingo Showdown and Bingo Pop.

Bingo Story Freebies & Free Credits

So if you are running out of free credits and tokens or just want to have freebies for your favorite bingo mobile game then below reward links are for you. All you have to do is tap on those links and collect your freebies.

21 July 2024

  1. Collect Free Freebies

20 July 2024

  1. Collect Free Freebies

17 July 2024

  1. Collect Free Freebies

10 July 2024

  1. Collect Free Freebies

09 July 2024

  1. Collect Free Freebies

06 July 2024

  1. Collect Free Freebies

05 July 2024

  1. Collect Free Freebies

03 July 2024

  1. Collect Free Freebies

In case these links do not work for you then clear the game cache and try again. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the game in order to get Bingo Story free credits and other freebies.

Bingo Story Freebies Features

The Bingo Story game comes with great features that you can enjoy. But when you have extra freebies and credits then it does provide you some extra perks so check them out here.

  • With extra credits rather than playing normal bingo games, you can also play mini-games also and which come with club balls, tokens, and power-ups.
  • There are many clubs available in the Bingo Story game where you can join them and get help from other players as well. As in the club, players can gift extra puzzle pieces to each other.
  • Not only that but once you have Bingo Story freebies and credits, you can use that to craft your own decor and make it more beautiful to get maximum rewards.
  • Bingo Story game also offers you multiple card games so now you can play any card game from 1 to 4 and enjoy the game at its fullest.
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So now you know now how useful are credits and other freebies in this game. And these freebies can help you to make your game experience better.

Bingo Story Freebies Video

As we mentioned before in the article we also share a video that can help you to learn how you can play this game more effectively to maximize your winnings so check it out.

Understanding Bingo Story Freebies

Bingo Story Freebies balls

What Are Freebies?

In Bingo Story, freebies are bonuses that players can collect to help them progress through the game. These bonuses can include free coins, power-ups, and other rewards that can be used to play more games and increase the chances of winning. Freebies are a great way to get ahead in the game without having to spend real money.

How to Get Freebies

Players can get freebies in Bingo Story by clicking on links provided by the game’s developers or by other players. These links can be found on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, or on dedicated websites that provide links to freebies for a variety of mobile games. To collect freebies, players simply need to click on the link and follow the instructions provided.

It’s important to note that freebies can only be collected once, so players should make sure to collect them as soon as possible. Additionally, some freebies may have expiration dates, so players should use them before they expire to get the most out of them.

Earning and Using Free Credits

How to Earn Free Credits

Bingo Story offers various ways to earn free credits. One of the easiest ways is to log in daily and claim the daily bonus. Players can also earn credits by completing quests, participating in events, and leveling up. Additionally, Bingo Story occasionally offers free credit promotions through their social media pages.

Utilizing Free Credits Wisely

It is important to use free credits wisely in Bingo Story to maximize their benefits. Players should aim to use free credits on higher stake games to increase their chances of winning big. It is also recommended to save free credits for special events or promotions where they can be used to earn even more credits.

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Players should also consider utilizing power-ups to increase their chances of winning. Power-ups can be purchased with credits and can provide various benefits such as increased chances of getting a bingo or revealing multiple numbers at once.

Maximizing Rewards Through Daily Gifts

Bingo ball from Bingo Story Freebies & Free Credits

What Are Daily Gifts?

Daily gifts are rewards that players can claim every day in Bingo Story. These gifts can include free credits, coins, power-ups, and other bonuses that can help players progress in the game. Daily gifts are a great way to maximize rewards and increase your chances of winning big in Bingo Story.

How to Claim Daily Gifts

To claim daily gifts in Bingo Story, players need to visit the game’s official social media pages or dedicated fan sites like These pages often post links to daily gifts that players can claim by simply clicking on them. Players can also receive daily gifts by logging into the game every day. Once claimed, daily gifts will be added to the player’s inventory and can be used immediately.

Players should make sure to claim their daily gifts every day to maximize their rewards in Bingo Story. By taking advantage of daily gifts, players can increase their chances of winning big and progressing through the game faster. So don’t forget to claim your daily gifts and start maximizing your rewards in Bingo Story today!

Leveraging Social Media for More Benefits

Bingo Story players can maximize their benefits by utilizing the game’s social media channels. The following sub-sections outline some of the ways players can leverage social media to get more freebies and rewards.

Bingo Story Official Fan Page

Bingo Story has an official fan page on Facebook where players can stay up-to-date on the latest news, events, and promotions. By following the fan page, players can also participate in exclusive giveaways and contests. The fan page is also a great place to connect with other players and exchange tips and strategies.

Link Exchanges on Social Media Channels

Players can also visit Bingo Story’s social media channels to find link exchanges where they can collect freebies and rewards. These link exchanges are often posted by other players or fan pages and can include free credits, power-ups, and other in-game items. Players can also share their own links to help other players and earn rewards in return.

Using Power-Ups and Mini-Games

What Are Power-Ups?

Power-ups are special items that can be used during a game of Bingo Story to increase the chances of winning. These power-ups can be earned by completing certain tasks or by purchasing them with in-game currency. Some of the most popular power-ups include the Double Daub, which allows players to mark two numbers at once, and the Instant Bingo, which instantly marks all numbers on a card.

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Engaging in Mini-Games

Bingo Story also offers a variety of mini-games that players can participate in to earn extra rewards and bonuses. These mini-games include slot machines, scratch cards, and more. By playing these mini-games, players can earn free power-ups, coins, and other valuable items that can be used to enhance their Bingo Story experience.

Bingo Blitz, another popular bingo game, also features power-ups and mini-games that can be used to increase the chances of winning and earn extra rewards. Players can earn power-ups by completing quests, leveling up, and playing mini-games before a game starts. Additionally, Bingo Blitz offers seasonal games and events that provide even more opportunities to earn free credits and other rewards.

Staying Updated Through Notifications and Emails

Mobile for Bingo Story Freebies & Free Credits

Importance of Notifications

In order to stay up-to-date with the latest Bingo Story Freebies and Free Credits, it is important to enable notifications on your mobile device. These notifications will alert you when new freebies and credits are available, ensuring that you never miss out on valuable rewards. By enabling notifications, you can stay on top of the latest Bingo Story news and updates.

Subscribing to Emails

Another way to stay informed about Bingo Story Freebies and Free Credits is by subscribing to the game’s email list. By doing so, you will receive regular updates about new promotions, events, and freebies. This is a great way to stay informed about the latest Bingo Story news, as well as to ensure that you never miss out on valuable rewards. To subscribe to Bingo Story’s email list, simply visit the game’s official website and enter your email address.


Hope you are able to get Bingo Story freebies and credits using the above links. You can bookmark our website in order to collect all your daily tokens and credits from here as it is free and very easy to do.

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